My first big real gig in documentary filmmaking, “Freakonomics” is hitting theaters on October 1st. I helped develop, associate produced & led animation team as production designer under director Eugene Jarecki. The film is available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Netflix Streaming. Our section of the omnibus documentary is the product of a 2 year process with Jarecki and the amazing people of Charlotte Street Films, and a 9 month collaboration with the amazing Doc-Graphics Icon Brian Oakes who was credited as “Motion Graphics Producer” but you and I both know better. It’s narrated by Melvin Van Peebles. On the technical side, we received compositing help from Paul Daniel, Animation help from Emily Roberts, Illustrations from Youngbum Kim, and 3D by Matt Foglia. Ben Murray put everything together at Deluxe. Above is a clip from our section.

Time Out New York:

Slyly narrated by Melvin Van Peebles (who gives Exit Through the Gift Shop’s Rhys Ifans a run for his money), Eugene Jarecki’s fully animated segment takes us through the book’s most provocative notion—that the 1990s dip in NYC crime wasn’t due to Giuliani’s strong-arm tactics, but to the legalization of abortion in 1973, thus limiting the number of at-risk children who were even born. As Jarecki cuts between footage of It’s a Wonderful Life, pregnant mothers and Romania (you just have to see it), your jaw hangs open.